teacher suspended for Expressing Herself Diplo style

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teacher suspended for Expressing Herself Diplo style

A 23 year old Aurora Colorado high school teacher has been suspended from the school she works at after tweeting a picture of herself twerking it for Diplo‘s ‘Express Yourself’ competition and smoking weed.

The teacher whos name is Carly McKinney, teaches high school maths and goes by the twitter name @crunk_bear tweeted this at Diplo (Has now been taken down)

‘Listen to @diplo in the shower leads to this #expressyourself #whitegirlass #twerk #twerkteam’

The smoking of marijuana in the state of Colorado is legal so it is unclear whether there are grounds for firing her for just having a little fun (In our opinion). Is it a crime to express yourself!

The aftermath of her suspension has initiated a #FreeCrunkBear movement to essentially support teachers getting crazy with it. To be honest we don’t see what the big deal is about. What a babe!

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