Shazam and Beatport Join Forces

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Shazam and Beatport Join Forces

The music lovers favourite website, Beatport, and the popular application Shazam have teamed up, expanding Shazam’s already huge database of music.

Shazam is arguably the most ingenious application on any smart phone, as you are granted the ability to record the sound of an unknown song and be given the title and artist. Its pretty damn cool really.

For those of you living under a rock, Shazam gives reason to people lifting their smart phones in the air when music is playing at a club, a festival or even at a friends house, because more often than not, Shazam will answer with the goods.

For the lovers of dance music, and I know there is a lot of us, Shazam is probably the best friend you can have when you’re out hitting the town. You hear that one tune that you need in your life, and without having any clue what it is, you can find out in the click of a button.

Having said this, Shazam’s 25 million song database does sometimes fall short, so now that the ever-growing music catalogue of Beatport has got its back, it’ll be hard to find a song you cant identify!

This will also enable up and coming producers and Dj’s who were not apart of the original Shazam database, to have their music recognised on an international level. Who doesn’t want that!

The best thing about Shazam is that it is a free application, so for those who need this app in their life as much as myself, you can find it on iTunes App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World, Amazon App store, Windows Marketplace and Verizon Vcast App store.


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