Panteros666 – Hyper Reality ‘Mini LP’ + Live Show

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Panteros666 – Hyper Reality ‘Mini LP’ + Live Show

Bromance is back with their 8th release and we are wondering if it’s possible for them to do any wrong. Club Cheval’s Panteros666 is flying solo on this ‘Mini LP’ due out March 4th on the French label. A digital bred artist, this release targets all aspects of visual and audio interwebs expression. The 7 track album, Panteros666 will also debut a live show that we are still kind of hazy what it involves. Teaming up with the Creators Project for this experience, we are pretty excited to see what going to happen. With a pretty cool concept, for how Panteros describes the release it seems pretty wild:

“Each of the 7 tracks from ‘Hyper Reality‘, inhabits a different landscape from the HD digital world I created during the live. MP4s accompany MP3s on a 60 min techno crusade. Each movement represents an important aspect of what I believe electronic music does to the human imagination : uncontrollable visions of chaos for “Snaredrum Warfare”, “Euroshima” and “Porteciel” ; dreamy robotic atmospheres for “Zoo Magazine” and “Olymp X” ; vivid psychedelia 2.0 for “Hyper Reality”.”

In just over a week we will see what’s actually going down in this alternate universe. Based on what team Bromance has shelled out so far, we can ensure the product will be great.

Brodinski and friends have almost single handed dropped the borders between genres and continue to surprise us. Look for the release and everything else from this next level crew.

Pre-Order the EP Here


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