Las Vegas Nightclub Welcomes Skrillex, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer as Resident DJ’s

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Las Vegas Nightclub Welcomes Skrillex, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer as Resident DJ’s

The colourful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, has finally given its answer to the ever-growing popularity of Electronic Dance Music ¬†with a brand spanking new nightclub with a huge line-up of resident DJ’s.

LIGHT Nightclub, is the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino’s newest addition, and it will be hosting some of the biggest names in dance music- SKRILLEX, ZEDD, SEBASTIAN INGROSSO and BAAUER to be exact- during the season of Spring as its house DJ’s that will be creating their own personal performance to whatever extent they wish. This is cool!

The DJ’s will have their own exclusive night at LIGHT Nightclub, where in which they will fuse they’re musical ensemble with the acrobatic finesse of Cirque Du Soleil. Yep, that is right, the Cirque Du Soleil performers will be choreographed for each of the live set’s these EDM bad boys play, topped off with the immaculate light-show and atmosphere that Moment Factory (The production company behind LIGHT) will be creating for the artist, exactly how they wish.

Basically, each artist is being given the opportunity to create whatever they want for their particular night. One can only imagine at this time what ridiculousness will result from these nights and I sure as hell want to be apart of it!

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the Dubstep ambassador SKRILLEX said:
“I want it be distinct to the LIGHT club because the configuration is so customizable, it’s fucking crazy. That’s the thing about the club, too: they can do anything, so it’s how you maximize the dynamic of a great show with all their fucking bells and whistles and all of their budgets and resources to do anything.”
I don’t know about you guys, but my excitement level is at an all time high right now!

LIGHT Nightclub opens on April 26, so for anyone in Vegas, close to Vegas, or going to Vegas around this time, do yourself a favour and experience this top notch nightclub!


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