Frankfurt Express – Wake Up

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Frankfurt Express – Wake Up

Ah man, back when the original came out this was a definite favorite, so imagine my delight when I learned Tonite Records was re-releasing this ultimate feel good track, along with some new remixes. Comprised of Lionel Merklen and vocalist Yota (who has graced many awesome releases), Frankfurt Express‘ original is an amazing slice of new-wave goodness, replete with the highest order of crystal clear bells and buzzing synths.

The remixes really refresh this release and just totally round out an awesome package. Lifelike‘s remix kicks up the energy a bit while also contrasting with a really nice surrounding atmosphere. FM Attack comes in with a powerful, almost eurodance bassline and background vocal treatment that really brings a dark energy. Sferro, meanwhile, takes the track into total dreamland territory with a hypnotic focus on the chord structure and prominent flanging.

The release drops on February 7th, so be sure to pick it up!


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