Azealia Banks calls Baauer expletives after rapping over ‘Harlem Shake’

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Azealia Banks calls Baauer expletives after rapping over ‘Harlem Shake’

Azealia Banks has taken Baauers recent viral hit “Harlem Shake” and slapped her own verses over the top.

When the ironically Harlem based MC had her version stripped from Soundcloud it was taken to Twitter where she accused the New York producer of “cockblockin” and eventually calling him a “pussy” and “faggot” the later drawing attention from Perez Hilton who took offence (after a previous incident that included the same derogatory term).

Deeper still the feud buries with Mad Decent owner Diplo being pulled into the mess after Banks let fly that he had emailed her letting her know they’d lined up Juicy J to lay some verses on the 2012 released track who in reply further fuelled the fire by tweeting  “you’re a real fucking snake. you owe M.I.A everything you have.”

Children pls.

Undisturbed by having half the internet crawling up her backside, she’d gone ahead and filmed a video to accompany her remix along with the charming tweet “Is everyone feeling better today? hope so. All that faggot talk was starting to do my head in….. Both sides of the argument are stale now.” watch it below.



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