Youtube fake views fiasco reveals major music labels having most fake hits

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Youtube fake views fiasco reveals major music labels having most fake hits

By now many of you have heard how YouTube has cracked down on many major label’s YouTube views. With over a billion plays taken from Universal Music is this just the tip of the iceberg?

With views running just over 2 USD for a thousand plays, anyone can appear in celebrity status. These paid plays in reality aren’t actually video views. Essentially offline bots send more requests to to YouTube server racking up number and boosting a video’s rating. Google claims this violates their terms of service and vowed to put an end to this boosting.

Artists affected include Rihanna, Beyonce, and even the Biebz. With millions of views gone overnight the question is who is at fault. Do major labels promote this practice or frown upon artists fixing the meter? Though not on this large of a scale we wonder how this ratio holds in the world of dance music. Plenty of artists proclaim ‘All Real’ fan, but what is real these days? Does Facebook advertising produce real fans in Mexico? Who knows.

With numbers on social media pages rising overnight, a fan count doesn’t represent how big an artist is, just how deep their pockets are. ¬†One big shot didn’t feel the wrath with all true views. Can you guess who? yup ‘Gangnam Style’ stood strong with over 1 Billion view. Keep it real Psy.


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