Lianne La Havas – Elusive (Shadow Child Remix)

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Lianne La Havas – Elusive (Shadow Child Remix)

Shadow Child‘s bass-led beat-making contraption has been hard at work –  snapping and shuffling away in order to bring new life to Lianne La Havas‘ track ‘Elusive’. The original curls its fingers around your heart and makes your toes flutter just quick enough to let you float a few millimetres off the ground. Sultry vocals, soothing bass and playful guitar noodling is all your ears could ever desire right?

Well according to Shadow Child, your feet need a bit of lovin’ too, so he’s perked things up for the dancefloor. Cobras hiss and strike the hats in complex patterns, bursting forward and drawing back with vicious speed. The Food Music co-owner of course lets his signature throbbing bass bump the rest of the music forward with precision, and this time also adds a soft UK-style synth that tells sinister tales. Those vocals don’t need anything done to them. No sir. Luckily, Shadow Child was of the same opinion.

For now, a download of the track remains ‘Elusive’ (ha!) but keep your eye on the man himself this-a-way so you can get your mitts on it ASAP.


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