Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons faces off with Tommie Sunshine over Swedish House Mafia’s relevance

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Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons faces off with Tommie Sunshine over Swedish House Mafia’s relevance

Yep, it’s yet another Twitter beef between high profile DJs/producers. This time we’ve got The Chemical Brothers‘ (Photo Gallery) Ed Simons in the red corner, calling out Tommie Sunshine in the blue corner. The veteran Simons toys with Sunshine by agreeing that Swedish House Mafia‘s pop hit ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ is an amazing piece of music, then gives him the uppercut just as he lets down his guard.

Tommie then went on to say that “there is a place for all music in this world”, before posting personal tweets to everyone who has influenced him or inspired him musically.

Lots of sub-discussions have popped up on Tommie’s and Ed’s Twitter accounts too.

Each of these respected musicians communicate valid points – points that have been discussed many times over the past year or so. Should we hope that as electronic music becomes synonymous with pop, increasing numbers of people will trickle down to the underground and create more interesting music? Or should we be concerned that, as Ed says “this post modern everything’s ok attitude is killing interesting dance music”?

I personally think that by the nature of DJ culture (ie playing other people’s songs), a mainstream audience will be able to discover deeper electronic music with much more ease than if it was say, rockabilly music or any other subculture that had been brought to such a large audience. For example, Avicii might play a big room edit of a tech house track, and the casual listener may find themselves clicking over to the original track or the original artist, and things can snowball from there.

Theories aside, it’s happening – the Swedes have gone platinum. Does this make you excited about the future of electronic music?


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