Smokin Joe Mekhael’s worlds longest DJ set record attempt: Round 2

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Smokin Joe Mekhael’s worlds longest DJ set record attempt: Round 2

Here we go Ladies and Gents. The most electrifying dj to ever hit the decks on the Australian scene is about to launch himself for his second attempt at the world record starting from the 16th of December at Empire Nightclub in Kings Cross. Yes, that’s right, Smokin Joe Mekhael is back and we are only day out from witnessing a record being broken.

We caught up with the man who pretty much invented the WooOOOOO to hear his thoughts, about┬ápreparation, what the hell ‘smokamaniacs are and post record celebrations.

It’s round 2 in the battle for the worlds longest DJ set. Tell us about your preparation. Have you changed it from last time?

I’ve concentrated on my health much more than last year. I bought a water filter that removes sodium fluoride and other chemicals from my drinking water, I’ve been eating organic food and placing more emphasis on fruit and vegetables in my diet. I’ve been exercising a lot, but I learned last year that this is predominantly a mental exercise, and I’ve been meditating and getting into the right head space accordingly.

You mentioned you got tinnitus towards the end of your last set. How do you plan on avoiding that this time?

This year I will be wearing ear plugs. Hopefully I will announce an ear plug sponsor in the next few days.

You mentioned you are bringing out a judge from Guinness Book of World Records. Will they be there the whole time?

No, they will only attend for the last day. I’m compiling a crack team of Smokeamaniacs to act as official witnesses before that. Each witness will do a four hour stint and testify that I’ve adhered to the guidelines. When the Guinness official turns up, he will check all of the witness statements and he will hand me the official certificate the second that I break the record. If any of your lovely readers would like to be part of history, act as official witnesses and get loose at the same time, they should contact me!

It was mentally challenging last time. How do you feel about having to go through something like this again? Any hesitations?

None, whatsoever! Part of the reason why I’m doing this is because no human has ever done it before and I really want to stretch the limits of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual endurance again. I honestly believe that you can do anything if you believe in yourself and I’m going to prove it!

Have you met up and spoken to DJ Hertz in Brisbane who may hold the record?

I have spoken to Hertz and he is s good guy. We have a mutual respect between us because we know how incredibly difficult this challenge is. But when I checked on the Guinnes website today, the record holder is still listed as Rene Brunner from Austria/California (150 hours), so it appears that Guinness haven’t recognised Hertz’s effort as the official record.

Last year you accepted a dj gig 24 hours after you finished. Do you plan on doing it this year?

No way! My father once told me that “everybody makes mistakes, but a real man learns from his mistakes and doesn’t repeat them”. I was offered the same gig this year but I turned it down. I will successfully complete my #worldrecord7dayDJset at 4pm on Sunday, December 23, I’ll sleep through Christmas and wake up to perform at the Boxing Day party at Ivy to celebrate breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history and becoming the new MARATHON DJ CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!



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