NEW: Jack Beats, Chiddy Bang & OV Collaborate

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NEW: Jack Beats, Chiddy Bang & OV Collaborate

An eclectic mix of genres is nothing out of the ordinary in todays musical society, and JACK BEATS‘ release of ‘About To Get Fresh’ featuring CHIDDY BANG & OV definitely supports that fact.

This collaborative and surprising musical team successfully interweaves the wobbly house sounds of JACK BEATS with a refreshingly energetic Hip-Hop influence from the lyrically savvy CHIDDY BANG and the FOREIGN BEGGARS member OV.

The tune itself has JACK BEATS going a bit easier on the usual aggressive and  monstrous drops that the British producers are ever so renowned for, and allows for the lyrics to take some control against the standard heavy bass drop people usually expect in a JACK BEATS track.

Having said this, the tune is still riddled with a classic JACK BEATS techno sound and takes the cake for mixing musical genres!

Have a listen and see for yourself!


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