Boy 8-Bit – Live at Blood Music Fabric Room One

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Boy 8-Bit – Live at Blood Music Fabric Room One

This ginger Jedi master has kindly shared a recording of his incredible set from Fabric in September, and it’s a quite a doozy. With big room bangers like the ubiquitous Duke Dumont’s “Thunder Clap,” new classics like Joy-O’s “Sicko Cell,” and some gems from B8B himself like “The Keep,” this set is meticulously mixed despite his modest comment about including “a bunch of rough untested demos and edits.” Hopefully we’ll see those surface as official releases soon.

He also remixes his good mate Fake Blood’s “All In The Blink” in a rather freaky, oddball fashion, playfully distorting the vocals, and then brings more vocal magic with an awesome dancefloor reinterpretation from Woz of Charlie XCX’s formerly moody original, “Dancing In The Darkness.”

If you’re familiar with " target="_blank">Blawan, you’ll hear the sinister yet hilarious vocal loop tucked neatly into the Dj Hyper Active “Wide Open (Len Faki Edit)” track at 1:01 (“Why they hide their bodies under my garage?”).

Boy 8-Bit aka Roy Apron also shared recently via Facebook that he just became a dad!


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