Watch: Symphony Hall – One Night Stand (ft. Jay Norton)

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Watch: Symphony Hall – One Night Stand (ft. Jay Norton)

We aren’t exactly sure how Scion A/V went from making sub-par cars to superstar dance videos, but they are doing something right. Teaming up with indie producers worldwide and making film, seems to be a full time job for the auto manufacturer. With a full site of this, and support for small-time artists all over, Scion has definitely made a welcome impact in the community.

Parisian taste makers Riton and Canblaster have teamed up for this rhythm and blues-esque project Symphony Hall. Canblaster is already sizzling with his part in Bromantic group Club Cheval. Without many intentions stated, French producers like this duo are all over the board with interesting tunes seeping out of the city of love’s cracks. Vocalist Jay Norton adds a vocal to put Usher to shame.

Out now on iTunes, the video from Scion is a welcome artistic addition to an already seductive track. Have a look, hopefully this collaboration sings in tune with the lyrics and sticks around for awhile.


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