Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Robert DeLong Remix)

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Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Robert DeLong Remix)

Punchy drums, horn blasts, and hall vocal samples are all key aspects found in a Robert DeLong tune. As a singer, producer, and drummer DeLong has blended the elctornic scene to create a sound of his own. At some points Moombah-esque, the original vocal additions are a recognisable factor heard in the LA-based producers remixes and originals.

In anticipation of his debut album ‘Just Movement’ due to hit the stores January 22, Delong has been on the remix game with his rendition of Two Door Cinema Club. With a hip-shaking beat, this tune draws you to the dancefloor as a blend of old Havanna and electronic power meet.

Already found on iTunes is the first single off of his album. ‘Global Concepts’ is a latin inspired tune with smooth indie vocals. Ballads that remind us of alternative electronica lead straight into a solid Moombah beat. As a club worthy track, the versatile style makes this a great addition to any set.


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