The Presets – Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)

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The Presets – Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)

One of Australia’s most underappreciated talents, Plastic Plates‘ name is popping up all over the world. When not in his LA studio remixing Australia’s premier electronic act, the Sydney-born producer is releasing original tracks on French label Kitsuné. Quite the man of the world then.

This particular remix gets the jump on summer by employing Plastic Plates’ usual tactic of painting everything with a sunny disco sheen. The whole track floats on a lazy breeze and undulates to its own beat, causing the space around it to visibly ripple. It’s not a particularly memorable piece of music, but there’s nothing wrong with a cruisy summer festival jam that puts smiles on people’s faces. Grab a beer.

Oh and just for gits and shiggles, you may be interested to know that Mr Plastic Plates aka Felix Bloxsom was apparently the third member of The Presets in an earlier incarnation of the group. Who knew?


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