Rusko Releases Free EP

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Rusko Releases Free EP

U.K. Dubstep veteran Rusko, who in March had a falling out with Diplo’s Mad Decent label over the release his album. The album  “Songs” was streamed in it’s entirety before its release without his permission, which sparked a heated Twitter feud from the producer saying he would release it for free on the day it dropped on Mad Decent just to spite them.

“might just put the album for free on my website to fuck em … I’m gonna post the fucking torrent links day of release. No $ for you @maddecent. And I’ll upload the cunting thing myself.”

After such drama Rusko vowed to release all his music for free independent of any label, this of coarse meaning he won’t make a cent from his productions.  A massive call from the wobble master, but he’s stayed true to his word releasing a 4 track EP entitled “KAPOW“.

“It’s about promotion and not profit – I want to give the fans the music in real time. If they can help me promote it too then it’s essentially what a label does anyway but just without copyright restrictions. The fans are key in the success of ‘KAPOW’. If you like it, send it to a friend. I just want everyone to be able have my music if they want it.”

It’s always good to see artists not compromising their music or the way they go about it for labels or management, as much as we do enjoy the public drama.

Good move? bad move? Only time will tell if this tactic will pay off and if he really will never sell any of his future music.


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