Project Real Feed Me

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Project Real Feed Me

Before Jon Gooch became Mau5trap’s Feed Me, he was dabbling in graphic design and has continued to use those skills in his musical carrear. He came up with the design for the Feed Me character, he does most of the cover art for his releases as well as being responsible for the design of his recent live show Teeth, and has now got a new intriguing project.

Over the last few months Feed Me has been dropping clues as to whats next for the little green man, and it’s looking to be pretty exciting. Project Real Feed Me, the name says it all, a real life version of the little critter behind the music. From what he has posted on Facebook and Instagram not only is it going to be a model, but one that has moving limbs! It’s still unclear as to what it’s going to be used for (video? live performance?), but whatever it is I’m sure it will be put to good use.

“Not quite right yet, but Feed Me is moving into the wonderful world of cinema. Prototypes!”

“Another step forward for my green friend.” ” Here’s the rapid prototyping model for the mechanics of the hands…”

“(Almost) alive.”


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