Club Cheval get Bromantic on New EP

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Club Cheval get Bromantic on New EP

The sixth major release from Brodinski‘s Bromance imprint sees ultimate crime-fighting/music-producing team Club Cheval uncage a couple of wild tracks. Leading the charge is ‘Decisions’ – a dark hearted beast which confidently pushes forward with its head held high. There’s definitely menace in the air, and yet the creature lets out an expected neigh for shits and gigs.

Obviously the only logical way to follow something like that is to chop up someone’s voice and pitch shift those chunks of sound all over the place. Hence, ‘Vanilla Girl’ was born. Slip those chops over some buzzing lower frequencies and synth stabs and it’s a mean lookin’ thing.

If you’re feeling like a live set from the French foursome would be good for your health, Canblaster and the lads will be down here for Stereosonic later this month. For immediate pleasure though, the Decisions EP is lining virtual shelves as you read this, so get your mitts on it ASAP.


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