CIRQUE DU SOLEIL to open a vegas nightclub

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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL to open a vegas nightclub

It seems that everyone has caught on, and the future of entertainment is intertwined with electronic music and club culture. It’s past the point of everyone jumping on the bandwagon and now industry leaders are making moves. We have already seen Live Nation buy half of the production-side of EDM, whats next? Vegas it seems, as Cirque Du Soleil plans to take their brand into a permanent boutique nightclub on the strip. Teaming up with the iconic Mandalay Bay, the travelling show with put down some roots in the top tier Vegas Casino/Hotel.

Vegas is definitely familiar with Cirque Du Soleil, as the world renowned shows has been astounding audiences for years in sin city. The creative show appeals to intrigued audiences but doesn’t encompass the nightlife crowd. ‘Light’ will serve and a sense appealing total nightlife experience featuring the famous Cirque Du Soleil acts blended with world class Djs. A strangely familiar concept to the Dutch-founded Sensation White, the club will be a permanent fix for Vegas patrons to experience ‘Light’ in the heat of the night. Cirque Du Soliel founder describes the endeavour as a laboratory which will play host to new acts and artistic possibilities.

Theatrical nightlife promises to be the new wave of club culture. Any venue can bring a big Dj and have awesome sound. It’s up to the likes of brands like Cirque Du Soleil to take the party experience to the next level. ‘Light’ is sure to turn some heads in the desert city. With a fresh outlook on club culture we can only imagine the bookings will be out of this world as well.


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