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Many of the new breakthrough artist popping up seem to be increasingly young producers, xKore is 19 years old and has already cemented his spot in the dubstep scene. From learning economics to hitting No.1 on Beatport’s dubstep charts and now touring with Datsik on his latest “Firepower” tour xKore’s success only continues to grow. He took some time out before jumping on the tour to have a quick chat about his fast journey to the dubstep elite and whats next for EDM.
With the dance music scene moving so quickly were you surprised with how fast your career as a producer has taken off? Especially with recent success with your “Falling Down” remix.
In my position it’s pretty surreal. You learn that names are supporting you that you’ve always looked up to and you get to meet these people, it’s pretty crazy. However, looking at the industry it’s kind of becoming normal to have these star producers just shoot up out of nowhere. I think it’s indicative of how fast paced the industry is these days and how fast peoples attentions can turn.
You must be excited to  be touring with Datsik and the “Fire Power” tour, what are you looking forward to most?
I’m looking forward to playing out my new EP i’ve been writing. Testing it, seeing reactions and building up hype for it. Ofcourse i’m also looking forward to going to events every night, being with the team and meeting all the new people out there as well.
What were you doing before you were Xkore? Job? Study?
I was studying A-Levels in college, doing maths, economics and physics. Decided I didn’t want to go uni and ended up falling into the music industry because my hobby was producing.
When did you decide/know you wanted to be a full time producer? What was the turning point?
I knew i wanted to be a full time producer as soon as I started producing. I knew I wanted to actually make that happen when I had a choice between going to uni to study accounting or going fully into doing music. I chose to go all in on what I loved and it’s ended up well for me.
If you were to go to a festival who would you like to see perform?
I really want to see boys noize, richie hawtin and redlight play. Mainly just because they are different.
Outside of dubstep, are then any other genres/ artists that really inspire you?
Yes, Yoko Kanno is a massive inspiration, she produces soundtrack music for such series as ‘Ghost In The Shell’ and ‘Cowboy Bebop’. Harry Gregson Williams is another one who does soundtracks, such as Metal Gear Solid. I listen to alot of 90’s hip hop and 00’s rock and metal.
Dubstep blew up last year, what do you feel is the major player in EDM genres for 2012/13? 
Dubstep will continue as is, maybe breaking into the mainstream a bit more. I think this 110 genre is gonna grow a bit more, not quite moombahton but just sounds like slower electro. I think trap is gonna grow pretty big pretty quick, mainly because it gives alot of big name rappers a chance to hit the EDM scene and EDM producers to gain fans from the rap crowd. I think trap is gonna go very similar to how dutch house blew up pretty quick a few years ago.
Do you see dubstep having to be re-tweeked in sight of newer popular genres like trap? Or will the dub fan base stay loyal and keen for those heavy beats?
There will always be heavy beats, However I think that things like trap show dubstep producers how to get girls more involved and dancing instead of having very boyish crowds, and I think that will influence their sound.
Check out xKore’s “Fire Power Tour Mix” and all the tour info here, he will be supporting Datsik across the U.S. up until the 13th of November


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