Top 100 curators Dj Mag seem surprised by the results

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Top 100 curators Dj Mag seem surprised by the results

The ballots are closed and votes are in, the electronic world is gathering in Amsterdam for ADE and the announcement on DJ Mag’s Top 100 awards. Much controversy surrounded the voting process this year as fraud was suspecting among many of the top contenders. Leading up to the announcement on Friday, the Dj Mag Facebook is alive with some of the lower end of the pack. They are going up the list from 150 to 100. From their responses even the UK based publication seems a bit surprised by the results. Maybe it’s time for a change, maybe the lay-voters aren’t worthy to choose the true best of the best.

Amsterdam Dance Event is quickly becoming THE place for electronic music. Centered right in the heart of Europe, the event seems to weed out the rif-raf party people that dilute US based events such as WMC and similar electronic industry conferences in Vegas. Though the conference has sold old for the past few years, this October seems to be creating even more buzz than usual. With no set central event, the whole Centraal part of town comes alive with the who’s who in the industry. Centered around this event, benchmark dance publication DJ Mag has used this as a forum to announce their formerly prestigious Top 100 Poll Award Ceremony. After the ceremony, the crowned top dog plays events in both Amsterdam and London in the same evening to show off the hardware. Since this is a worldwide fan-voted poll, only the international elite should have much of a chance to hit the top of the list.

In recent years surprising results showing lesser known producers getting high marks have raised some eyebrows. We here at Stoney Roads have said a few words on buying your way into stardom over the past year and weighed in our part. Our highlight from August, reviews DJ Mag’s investigation into the potential scandals and their pledge to ‘Name & Shame’ vote swindlers. Well not much was heard on the outcomes of their in-house investigation but the show must go on and now it’s time to crown someone.

Over the past week the team at Dj Mag has been going up the list and posting some movers and shakers on the list along with their commentary. Their surprise was shown already as the results continue to pour out. Just this morning a shocker was release as Pioneer guru and Dj innovator James Zabiela dropped 29 slots from his for position at 94 last year. Dj Mag broke the news by saying:

“Ok, we know you’re not going to like this, but the mighty tech wizard James Zabiela comes in at 123 on the #Top100DJs this year. A few more shocks to come too….”

Earlier today they showed the fall of NYC Grammy winning producer Roger Sanchez with his drop 47 slots from last years result at number 81.

“Wow, you lot didn’t support the S-Man in your votes this year, still we reckon Roger Sanchez still feels the love at 128.”

Though acid house icon Fatboy Slim gigged at the Olympics, played a private island rave in the Bahamas on Holy Ship!, and has produced some of the most influential tracks of all time, he weighed in at only 135 this year. Other notable drops include Sidney Samson down to 142 from 92, Showtek to 129 from 58, Seth Vath from 97 to 139, and Joris Voorn at 148. Bass music made some leaps though this year with Zed’s Dead weighing in at 137 and Flux Pavilion at 131. We will see how the rest of the bass stars fared after the recent explosion of related genres in the US market. Millions of fans have been gained, the question is, did they vote?

Upsets in the rankings leave many shocked including the hosts. Maybe this is just proof of the changing trends, maybe its because the scales are in favor of Djs with deep pockets. We aren’t the ones to judge on the shocking results of this years top 100 but apparently there are many more to come. Will Skrillex be #1? We are willing to bet no on that one. Maybe it’s time that an appointed ‘Congress Of Djs’ have a weighted influence in the polls to keep this contest fair. Until then all we recommend is support James Z he’s number one behind the decks in our hearts!


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