Steve Aoki Stage Dive Fail at Circotic, Peurto Rico

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Steve Aoki Stage Dive Fail at Circotic, Peurto Rico

Steve Aoki (who was recently in Sydney) has had a jumping malfunction, encountering some bad gravity via a trampoline at a show at Circotic nightclub in Peurto Rico on the 27th of October!

Although a little blurry, the incident shows Aoki dancing at his decks followed as usual THEN at the 35 second mark, taking his usual leap of faith, rebounding in the air and hitting the corner of the stage. The sensai of bangors then appears to lie on stage to recover, eventually getting up visibly with the wind knocked out of him!

Aoki, hours after the gig tweeted

“I wanna let everyone know that I’m A-OK! Went to hospital got CT Scans and no spinal injuries from my stagedive trampoline fail!”

Steve Aoki Stage Dive Fail

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