New EP from LifeLike – Don’t Stop feat. A-Trak

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New EP from LifeLike – Don’t Stop feat. A-Trak

Lifelike - Don't stop, A-Trak

French label Kitsune carries an equity that is synonymous with quality dance music which is quite amply demonstrated by their extensive list of releases and compilations. These guys are concluding the year with a bang by bringing you LifeLike’s EP Don’t Stop featuring A-Trak.

If you are not too familiar with the Parisian producer LifeLike, he has had previous releases off Kitsune inclusive of his remix of La Roux’s In For the Kill and has done many remixes for other artists including Chromeo, Vitalic and Empire of the Sun.

“Don’t Stop” is a funky Nu-disco/electro track that shakes your ear drums with big driving bass complemented by bouncing synths and scratched vocals. The rest of the EP packs quite a punch, with a stand out remix from Gigamesh that’s laced with some chilled feel-good melodies and a blissful ambience that resonates through out the track.

Mauvais Cliché puts a nice house influenced spin on things and the Bloody Sisters shake things up with a pumping synthy electro remix. So far, the release date is set for the 26th of November so be sure to keep an eye out for this one.


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