Melbourne’s Mad Decent Connection

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Melbourne’s Mad Decent Connection

Melbourne-based producer Swick just got Bubbles + Protein Shake feat. Lewis Can Cut released on Mad Decent imprint Jefree’s.

It’s no surprise to hear Bubbles has been a staple in Diplo’s sets when you hear the raw energy building to a dragging rhythm and a chorus of vocal and synth stabs.

Swick-Bubbles (JEFF029) by Mad Decent

Protein Shake feels more laid-back but the kick drum punches much harder, and when the synths start singing it really sounds like a song that would fit on the Bazzerk: African Digital Dance (Mental Groove) compilation of Kuduro-inspired Club tunes.

On Protein Shake Swick collaborated with the super-busy fellow Melbourne producer Lewis Can Cut and it’s easy to hear his influence.

Check out Lewis Can Cut’s credentials on the Congo Tardis #1 releases and his solo EP Social Mixer that dropped on Cocobass earlier this year.

Lewis CanCut – Social Mixer by lewis cancut

Also check out Scattermusic, the label headed up by Lewis Can Cut, Mat Cant and Scattermish.


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