Calvin Harris’s New Album Up For Stream

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Calvin Harris’s New Album Up For Stream

We all know who Calvin Harris is so no introduction needed. The UK producer has always been a dance favorite with club-worthy tunes supported by every Dj. Most of us were on team Harris after ‘I Created Disco’ but he really hit the scene one ‘Ready For The Weekend’ dropped in 2009. Well after the past year, Calvin Harris has become a household name thanks to Rihanna. Once their hit ‘We Found Love’ went on the air, there was no turning back. This tune single handly erased the boundaries between electronic dance music and pop culture. Even the video had a Train-spotting feel as commercial icon Rihanna took on the hipster look. So that’s what led us here, the present, dance is mainstream and Calvin is on top.

For his third studio album Harris pulled out all the stops. Getting pop money on board sure does help because the names on this list are huge. He even admitted that he got some new toys:

“I’m going for pretty epic-sounding dance records. I guess the whole sound has just moved on in terms of production as I’ve got a new studio and some new gear to make the sounds I wasn’t able to make before.”

We had a listen and it seems pretty epic to us. The release has an array of tunes to fit everyone’s fancy. His old friend Dizzee Rascal (A personal favorite) even makes an appearance to rep the UK scene. The full track list includes Kelis, Rihanna, Example, Nicky Romero, Ellie GouldingTinie Tempah, Florence Welch, Dizzee Rascal, Ne-Yo, Ayah Marar and Dillon Francis. Wow we feel dizzy just listing all those stars.

The production is spot on, a funky disco style with just enough house. Tracks like ‘School’ are lounge-centric and super smooth. ‘Green Valley’ even has a Moby-esque feel, some awesome chill vibez. On the other end of the spectrum ‘Here 2 China’ featuring Moombah man Dillon Francis and Dizzee it a stuntin’ blasta reflecting a bit of that Hip Hop influence. But of course there are plenty of big room bangers to keep the Saturday club crowd happy, don’t worry pop culture, Calvin hasn’t come back underground just yet.

Over all the UK big man did it well with his latest full length. Unfortunately on the stream, you will have to relive some over-played tunes most likely to cause a stir at the local top 40’s spot, but hey, good for them. Well as the new home for huge dance releases, iTunes is where you can find this one on the 30th in the US or 29th in the UK. Until then, or possibly after, stream it below. Plenty of people are sure to have this as their pregame for this weekend.

Listen to ’18 Months’ here


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