Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell and Ingrosso are not happy with Hardwell…

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Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell and Ingrosso are not happy with Hardwell…

You know the deal, throw around a few ‘free’ tracks and score some Facebook ‘likes’, pretty much the norm’ for todays web 2.0 producers.

The only hitch? When they’re bootlegs of Swedish House Mafia doofi (a collection of doofus’) Axwell and Ingrosso.

It was Dutch progressive DJ Hardwell that made the mistake of releasing a ‘trilogy’ of bootlegs reaching all the way back to 2010 that set the big shot personalities into action attacking him on Twitter.

You’d think they’d be some humbleness when it comes to other globally recognised producers specifically choosing your tracks to remix/edit/bootleg but instead both Axwell and Ingrosso graded Hardwells actions as “the lowest i’ve seen”.

This comes from DJs accused of playing mix CDs instead of performing live and collectively having over 3 million likes on Facebook.

Eric Prydz also jumped on the bandwagon jokingly adding his 2c “If you ‘like’ my Facebook Fan Page @Axwell & @Sebingrosso will come play for free in your living room”

The whole thing is a bit of a beat up and I get where the guys are coming from but the maturity shown from who could be considered professionals is a bit embarrassing. It’s not as if he made the bootlegs recently to leverage the popularity of SHM, some were created all the way back in 2010.

It was good to see Hardwell bounce back and take the pack offline and also offer up some positive wisdom.. “It’s all about the love for music, that’s the only thing that matters”

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing Swedish House (Thug) Mafia broke up?


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