Kraftwerk – The Model (DJ Hell Bootleg Mix)

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Kraftwerk – The Model (DJ Hell Bootleg Mix)

Not having heard from DJ Hell for a while… or Kraftwerk for that matter, my eyes pricked up when I saw this. I was unaware of it’s existence and so too is the Internet it seems. This is ripped from Tiga’s My Name is Tiga 6 Mix on BBC Radio1 earlier this month. Even though it is a radio rip, I think it’s worth an individual download. It is just a swanky piece of music with the magic of both Kraftwerk and DJ Hell coming together which is rare and super cool. Words kind of fail me when something as special as this presents itself to me. Strangely enough, to me it sounds like it would be played at a recovery party in a dank club in Bikini Bottom.

Thanks Tiga and thanks Soundcloud user for the radio rip. Isn’t the Internet great?


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