DJ Mag will ‘Name and Shame’ vote buyers

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DJ Mag will ‘Name and Shame’ vote buyers

DJ Mag will be ‘naming and shaming’ DJs and producers that buy votes this week in their annual DJ Mag Top 100 competition.

A recent image of a Mexican ebay auction toting a vote buying scheme specifically for the  has set off the reaction and even included the claim that they helped two major placements in last years comp.

Martin Carvell, DJ Mag’s Managing Director, has said “we do all we can to eliminate cheating… so as to make this the most authoritative snapshot of a DJ’s popularity and visibility at any one time.”

The annual Top 100 competition pits DJs and producers globally to see who tops the what could be seen as the most popular personalities within the dance and electronic world.

Although the idea of a crowd voted system is fatally flawed from the start, it’s good to see DJ Mag taking steps to clamp down the practice (what about buying Facebook likes?).

Will a similar Australian ‘DJ Award’ based voting system also take steps to avoid novel producers taking out top spots?

Update: Duncan Jake from the Stoney Roads Facebook is on the money… “the DJ Mag top 100 results is already a name and shame”


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