The 2 Bears look for 1 Love

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The 2 Bears look for 1 Love

The 2 Bears Raf Daddy and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard are looking for ‘1 Love’ as they set out on a new project.

After a critically acclaimed album release earlier this year the UK producers have tried their hand at the age ole mix compilation for the very first time.

“We wanted to try and make the mixes a bit different” says Raf of the project. “We didn’t want it to be just two hours of banging club tracks.”

“It’s nice when a mix CD becomes an experience that can work at different times and with different people” continues Joe. “You want it to be something that people listen to for quite a period of time. That was something we were talking about, to make a mix that becomes part of someone’s life and stays with them.” The album’s artwork too, has been carefully considered, hand-drawn by Bear-designer and illustrator friend Ed Grace (a rarity in these digitally-dominated days) and described by Raf as “…ravers, ghosts, a vampire, a bearded lady and an octopus in the background doing a dance; it’s an homage to those brilliant Scientist sleeves from the early 80s.”

A look at the tracklising shows that this isn’t the standard digital wacky promo but hours spent sifting through record shops and dusty sleeves.

‘1 Love’ is a Caribbean-flecked mix of brash beats and dutty rhythms, squeezing everything from booming house to London beats.

“We’ve tried to represent a bit of what we’re about and a bit of the sort of place we come from as DJs” say Raf. “We both have different musical backgrounds which make for a pretty interesting selection.” Things take a housier but no less diverse turn on CD2, with a bouncin’ selection of beats that represent Raf and Joe’s exhaustive knowledge of house music. “I played one of these discs to my friend the other day and he was like “Argh! You’ve got Paperclip People – Throw on there.” That’s the reaction we’re after, tunes that mean something to people.”

2 Bears, 1 Love is out 8th October on 2CD and download

1. Intro
2. Débruit ‘149 Dalston Airline’
3. Toddla T featuring Timberlee ‘Body Good’
4. Asphodells ‘The Lonely City’
5. Fun Boy Three ‘Faith, Hope And Charity’
6. Heartbreak ‘Blaze Up’
7. Arttu ‘Peace Will Follow’
8. The 2 Bears ‘Birds & The Bees’ (X-Press 2 Remix)
9. Rebolledo featuring Matias Aguayo ‘Pitaya Frenesí’ (Vocal Version)
10. Metro Area ‘Dance Reaction’
11. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress ‘Na Na Na (I Walks With God)’ (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx)
12. Kim English ‘Learn 2 Luv’ (Mood II Swing Club)
13. Ossie ‘Set The Tone’
14. Nneka ‘Shining Star’ (Joe Goddard Remix)
15. Boomerang ‘Zed Bias feat. Robbie Rue’
16. Four Tet ‘Sing’ (Mosca Remix)

1. Intro
2. Sweet Exorcist ‘Testfour’
3. Crowdpleaser ‘Nenekri’ (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
4. Wiley ‘I’m Skanking’ (The 2 Bears Dub)
5. The 2 Bears ‘Ghosts & Zombies’ (Todd Terry Dub)
6. Iz & Diz ‘Mouth’ (Pepé Bradock’s Ureleased Remix #1)
7. The 2 Bears – Be Strong (Ratcliffe lil whistle remix)
8. Paperclip People ‘Throw’
9. Braille ‘A Meaning’
10. Knights Of The Hunted ‘X The Beat’
11. Ashley Beedle – Run The Track
12. Black Devil Disco Club featuring Nancy 13. Sinatra ‘To Ardent’ (Horsemeat Disco Remix)
13. Isolée ‘Beau Mot Plage’ (Original)


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