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When I was offered the opportunity to speak to, Pierre Busson aka Yuksek prior to him kicking off his Australian tour I jumped at the chance. The Frenchman not only ignited my love for electronic music at a very young age but has been putting his fresh twist on everything he touches for years without faltering. He is the other half of Peter & The Magician, a great producer and the keeper of the mystery behind Mega Mystery Band. Pierre was polite, apologised for his “stupid French” at times and even asked me if I was attending Splendour In The Grass all while conducting himself with a refreshing air of humbleness.


So you’re in Australia for Splendour In The Grass. It’s one of Australia’s biggest music festivals so people go all out for it. Last time I was there I heard a group of girls talking about how they got backstage and were hanging out with Coldplay. Do you think you’ll come away with any good stories of groupies sneaking backstage?

I didn’t have the opportunity to check who’s playing with me there yet so I cannot tell you right now…

Haha good answer…

Any plans to do a tour in the future with Stephen as Peter & The Magician?

Yes we’ve been thinking about it but the thing is that we are not on the same time [sic] schedule . I mean, I’m just finishing the tour of my new album and going into the studio for different work and stuff and we’re just at the beginning of this Magician story. We just released the one track and a couple of remixes so I’m thinking we need to improve this Magician stuff by making new tracks. So for now our project Peter and the Magician is just a side project. We’ve played a few times together, we will for sure in the near future but not in the next month but maybe in the next year. We definitely want to make something for touring as well.

A homeless man eating a whole cooked chicken on a train once asked me out on a date. Why is it that you want to live on one?

To be really honest I don’t really want to live on a train (laughs) Now the record has been out for a year and I’m not on a train anymore. It’s a question about being alone and being away from everything that bothers you in life, like relationships with other humans and things like that, but I came into life and I’m fine since then.

Whatever happened to Mega Mystery Band? I liked their wigs.

Well it was just a opportunity with a projection company in France, the record was finished and we were thinking what we could do for the first single and stuff because the next record was a bit different to what I did before. It was a way to introduce it. In a way I did brand it but it was fun to make it, that way it wasn’t so commercial so it was quite interesting.

I have a large number of friends who will be disappointed if I don’t ask  – but are you single?

No… no no (laughs)

I’ll make sure I tell them

Lately everyone from Paris Hilton to … how do I say this without getting in trouble – people from a group that rhymes with The Hack Pied Fleas are claiming they are djs.  As an electronic producer and dj what do you think of this? This is why the French hate Americans isn’t it?

(laughs) I mean for example I’m producing electronic music and I’m djing sometimes but I don’t consider myself as a professional dj, I mean I’m a musician, I’m doing production and a live act. For the show in Australia there are three of us on stage, we are playing music live really. I like playing records sometimes but I’m not crazy about djs anyway so I don’t like to talk about people like Will.I.Am because it’s just like shit for radio. There are some people doing well in the commercial industry but those people are not really interesting for me

How do you feel about a pom winning the Tour De France?

I just heard about it this morning when I woke up actually because sometimes I wake up with the news and its very… I don’t care (laughs) I didn’t watch one minute of it. I’m not much really into sports, when I read the newspaper I jump the sports pages. … but I think he takes enough drugs to get where he wants.

What song would you recommend losing your virginity to?

It depends how you want to do it, in the sweet or the hard way… but maybe a song from Lou Reed or Velvet Underground

What’s the worst show you’ve ever played?

Most of the time the worst shows are the best paid. Sometimes you play commercial shows or for companies with private events and these are probably the worst.

So when can we expect to hear any new music?
To be honest I haven’t made music recently, we were touring all the time and in that time I didn’t even go into the studio for months, so I forget about music during this time. I’ve just been playing and reading books and my life is pretty empty. It’s full of playing, full of stage and full of planes.

Have you been offered any amazing drugs on tour? Whats the best you’ve sampled?
I’ve been offered many times but I quit that for years now and I’ve just stuck to drinking

And what’s your drink of choice?
Champagne but of course.

Haha nice. So finally do you think the world is going to end in 2012? 
No, I don’t think so.. nup.

Well, thanks Pierre for your time and have heaps of fun at Splendour, it’s an awesome festival!
Yeah, I played there 3 or 4 years ago I think and it was really really cool.


Check out Yuksek on his Australian tour:

Perth – Friday July 27th: Villa Nightclub
Sydney – Saturday July 28th: Oxford Art Factory
Byron Bay – Sunday July 29th: Splendour in the Grass


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