Kill the Noise rant on “Buying Fans”

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Kill the Noise rant on “Buying Fans”

Well it seems to me we aren’t the only ones getting pissed off about this latest trend. Los Angeles based dubstep producer Kill The Noise has taken to Twitter to voice his frustration at the growing trend of “up and coming” producers buying their fans on Facebook.

The usually comedic character on Twitter took some time out to question the pathway some producers believe is the way to get successful. He begun with saying “buying twitter, fb followers”. There used to be a lot of that on myspace, those people always fade away. u can’t fake fans man.”

He encouraged “Let the music do the talking. its hard to trick people into liking something that sucks these days. 1 true fan is worth 1,000,000 likes.”

and he also questioned “we are all fans of something i’ve been a fan of some bands i grew up listening to for 15 years. i wonder if anyone can still accomplish that”

What do you believe should be done to curb this trend. Are fans being tricked or is it their fault in choosing to falsely be a sheep?


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