Drais’ Nightclub respond to Anna Lunoe and Cassian kicked off the decks

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Drais’ Nightclub respond to Anna Lunoe and Cassian kicked off the decks

Yesterday evening we got wind that the Drais’ Hollywood nightclub in the States had bumped off homegrown hereo’s Anna Lunoe and Cassian from the decks to make way for a DJ set from the Black Eyed Peas.

The end result was Cassians hour cut in half and Anna not even making it onto the decks, the two went to Twitter to apologise to their fans who had travelled to see both of the Aussies.

Waking up this morning was a reply from ‘Drais Hollywood’ that gave us the other side of the story…

Unfortunately, this article is filled with half-truths and incorrect information. At the last minute, our friends from The BEP’s asked if they could join our event after their sold-out performance at the H’wd Bowl. Since they were bringing so many friends and fans, they also asked if they could jump on and perform with our previously scheduled talent. We were happy to have them and flattered that they’d be willing to perform for us at no cost or obligation. Such class and generosity on their part, thank you Will & Apl. Now, with the addition of 3 other DJ’s on the night, we had to reduce set times so that all artists got 30 minutes on the decks. Cassian played his set and was not “pulled off” by anyone. Although, it’s probably better for his career to say so on Twitter. Anna never played at all (by our request), she hung out with her friends instead. She was happy to oblige because she knows we’ll have her back in the future (as we’re all huge fans of hers)…it’s great to work with an ego-free artist who understands the needs of our business and is willing to be flexible when surprise situations like this occur. This attitude will get her very far in this business and she’ll always have a home at Drai’s Hollywood. Lastly, we’d like to address the concern that we’re the type of venue that “pulls” DJ’s for any individual celebrity or customer. We do not and will not. Our talent bookings mean a great deal to the integrity of our promotions, partnerships, and brand. We’re not in the business of sacrificing the bigger picture for short term gain. Especially on Dim Mak Sunday’s, our favorite and most cherished weekly event. To those fans who were disappointed by Cassian’s reduced set-time and Anna’s rescheduling: We sincerely apologize and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us. To the editor of this page, perhaps you should check facts before trashing names and reputations. Especially of those few who are doing all they can to support EDM and foster a community of up-and-coming artists as well as those who have “made it” and are trying to give back to their audience with no hope of remuneration.

We thought we’d address this above the table so this doesn’t potentially turn into a shit fight.

Hey Drai,

Thankyou for the reply, always helpful to get both sides of the story.

We apologise for the ‘half-truths’ and ‘incorrect information’, it’d be great if you could help clear that up by providing details of where they were and we’ll happily fix them.

Cutting to the chase, to us the Black Eyed Pea’s are NOT  Dance or ‘EDM’ DJs, as shown by their track selection and well… lack of bookings as such DJs. When you fly producers half way across the world to promise fans a night of their music it’s in your best interest to provide just that.

If you had made way for Daft Punk, Justice or Deadmau5 then yeah sure, total understanding of the situation, they are globally respected DJs, but this wasn’t the case and in our eyes a fairly insulting go at two talented dance producers who have spent time crafting unique and individual music.

Sure the BEP’s had just come from a ‘sold out’ show at the Hollywood Bowl, so don’t you think they may have already had their spotlight for the evening? Why couldn’t they have just enjoyed the club and listening to music they may not have heard before versus owning it in the fashion they chose?

The way we support ‘EDM’ is to encourage real producers and DJs, not ‘pop sensations’ who believe they are entitled to whatever they wish and push aside genuine talent.

I wonder if you see the irony of ‘supporting EDM’ by allowing the Black Eyed Peas to DJ? 

We’ve been doing this for a little over five years, with no monetary income and built, in my eyes, an amazing community of switched on fans that support good music, not pop music crossovers and supporters of Drais’ club visiting the site for the first time.

A rather rhetoric question but do you know why Cassian and Anna had to head to twitter and apologise to their fans?

Did you also know a club in Australia recently denied a Lady Gaga afterpaprty to pay respect to the previously booked band who had earned the spot, not walked in and bum rushed a set of decks? Interesting huh.


In closing i’m sure you guys are trying to create a scene there, total respect for that… this just wasn’t in my eyes the best move, you want to tell DJs and producers you knocked back the BEP for current bookings versus sweeping them aside.

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