Datsik Diaries: EDC

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Datsik Diaries: EDC

In tune with the video explosion in EDM, Datsik, the bass heavy Canadian has recently been releasing a series of short films showing the all access life of the Dj world.

This episode of the ‘Datsik Diaries’ give an inside look at his birthday at Electric Daisy Carnival inĀ Vegas. Check out the dub-head popping wine bottles with 12th Planet, taking cake to the face with Steve Aoki, and blowing shit up with Borgore.

EDC may had a few hiccups this year, but as evidence here the city that never sleeps saw the sunrise as usual.

If you missed this summer in Vegas, this video is a must watch. Make sure to keep up with Dasik’s active Youtube channel to get a glimpse into the wild world of touring Djs.

Additionally if your in Europe make sure to catch some wobble while Datsik makes the rounds next week.


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