Chemical Brothers Compose Olympic Cycling Anthem

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Chemical Brothers Compose Olympic Cycling Anthem

Already masters of creating film scores, The Chemical Brothers have accomplished yet another artistic feat, continuing to break into new musical milieus. Their “Theme for Velodrome” will play to the ears of cyclists and spectators for six days during London’s 2012 Olympic track cycling events, quite a change of audience compared to the usual club and festival crowds.

One half of Chemical Brothers, Tom Rowlands, is himself a cycling enthusiast and commented: “I have loved cycling since I was a boy. I have always made a connection between electronic music and cycling repetition, the freedom and sense of movement. Kraftwerk obviously cemented this connection with their Tour de France track. For us to create the theme for the Velodrome is a great honour and we’re really excited to hear it in situ.”

Ironically neither of the duo has tickets to the Olympics yet – but hopefully they’ll get a chance to attend and hear their song playing as part of the soundtrack.

Listen to the Radio 1 rip below – the robot voice repeating “Velodrome” over and over is pretty awesome (official release due out July 30th):

Muse has been granted the privilege of making the official song for entire London 2012 Olympic Games. For ears inclined towards electronic music, “Survival” doesn’t quite pack the punch that “Theme for Velodrome” does, but it’s worth a quick listen…I guess… 🙂

A few more official Olympic songs are quite eclectic, including “Good Morning to the Night” by Sir Elton John vs. Pnau and “Scream” by Dizzee Rascal featuring Pepper.

Source: The Guardian


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