More Sir Elton John vs Pnau!

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More Sir Elton John vs Pnau!

After much speculation and waiting, the Sir Elton John and Pnau collaboration has finally hit the interwebz with 2 tracks, ‘Sad’ and ‘Good morning to the night’!

The outcome of “Elton John vs. Pnau” tracks are very much set on the path as possible European sunny summer day anthems. With a lot of old school disco influence, this is NOT the once crazy Pnau energy filled sound of hits “Wild Strawberries” or “No more violence”.

Elton’s vocals in both songs are soft and the instruments used remind you of an old sitcom theme song, like Mash or The Love Boat. All in all an interesting collab definitely worth listening to!

The album is set to be launched on July the 16th 2012 and you can pre order today onĀ

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