Dance Music Riders: Backstage demands revealed!

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Dance Music Riders: Backstage demands revealed!

Let us take a moment to spare a thought for some of the promoters who have to deal with the epic riders of some of dance musics biggest stars.

The documents you are about to see have normally been kept very confidential however, thanks to EDMsnob, we have seen the emergence overnight of many artists riders detailing everything from stage specifications to what the producer eats pre performance.

You have heard about Deadmau5 vs Pauly D in their war of word of Twitter right? So how do their riders compare?

The epic…

Deadmau5 rider (It would logistically take months to organise this!)

  • 2 x cases (48 bottles) of Corona or Sol Beer
  • 16 cans of Red bull or energy drink
  • 1 bottle of premium vodka (Grey Goose or Belvedere)
  • 1 bottle of premium champagne (Veueve Clicquot or Bollinger)
  • 2 bags of sweets (any kind but Starburst preferable)
  • 2 packets of Marlborough light cigarettes or local light equivalent
  • 1 pair of white socks and 1 pair of black socks for size 9
  • 2 bottles of good quality men’s shower gel
  • 1 large inflatable animal, inflated and at least 5’ tall
Full rider here

DJ Pauly D rider (Talk about nit picky. Decks have to be at belly button height!)

  • 1 x L Grey Goose Vodka
  • 1 x L Patron
  • 12 x Bottles of water (Fiji or Evian)
  • Four Hundred Fifty (450) Dollars per Diem ($150 per person per day)
  • Four (4) Bottles of house champagne to spray crowd
Full rider here

David Guetta Rider (His list is even in alphabetical order)

  • Balloons for show
  • Big Chandelier
  • Big Heart (2m)
  • Cage for Dancers
  • Carpet for VIP Stage
  • Foam For Teddy Bear (?)
  • Giant Champagne Cups
  • Heart Shaped Balloons
  • Ibiza Girls
  • Scent Air Machine
  • Waitress Outfits
Full rider here

The humble…

Nero rider

  • Still Water (On Request)
  • Coca Cola (On Request)
  • Beer (On Request)
Full rider here.

Sidney Samson rider

  • Vodka (Grey Goose)
  • Laurent Perrier Rose
  • Red Bull / Coca Cola / Cranberry / Water
Full rider here.

The outright unusual…

Groove Armada rider (30 towels and chocolate milk?)

  • 48 cans of Stella or Heineken Export
  • 1 Bottle of good quality red wine
  • 48 small bottles of still water
  • 4 Chocolate milk drinks (pref. Chocamel)
  • 2 x 12.5g Drum Tobacco
  • 1 x 25g Golden Virginia Tobacco
  • 2 identical fridge magnets of local interest & novelty beer bottle opener
  • 30 large towels
Full rider here.

Pendulum rider – (lucky they’re not playing/touring anymore right?)

  • 48 x ½ litre bottles still mineral water
  • 12 x Bottles / Lucozade Sport / or any isotonic energy sports drinks
  • 1 x large bottle of Whiskey (Jamesons / Talisker or Glenfiddich)
  • Deli Tray to include: French sticks, wholemeal bread, tub of butter, a selection of good cheese and meat platter
  • Large selection salt free mixed nuts.
  • 12 cans of Relentless energy drink
Full rider here.

.. and you thought your girlfriend was demanding!

What are some of the crazier requests you have heard of?

via Music Feeds

Update: Looks like Steve Aoki’s rider has been floating around and is possibly the most absurd, he has to get a local promoter to source him his ‘grass’.

  • Inflatable Boat or Dingie, suitable for 2-3 people
  • 4 confetti blast machines& enough confetti for multiple blasts
  • 1 handheld CO2 air blower with full tank
  • 1 hotel room (suite) within a 2 mile radius of the venue
  • $100 cash dinner buyout or promoter paid for dinner
  • 1 Large Cheese Pizza
  • 1 small bottle of Listerine or similar antiseptic mouthwash
  • 2 bottles of Cristal
  • 3 Large black american apparel V-Neck t-shirts
  • 6 pairs of mens underwear (briefs style)
  • 6 pairs of mens socks (crew style)


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