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Chase & Status

This Spring we had the chance to catch up with UK Drum & Bass Giant Chase & Status. They were in Miami showcasing their famed Live Set established in 2009 and Djing a few gigs during the festival. As one of the best selling artists in the UK the band sold over a million single in the 2011 UK market. Their album ‘No More Idols’ was on the top 40 chart for 35 weeks and is now double platinum. Hailing from the heart of the D&B scene the duo has been touring the world since before youngsters like Skrillex and Porter Robinson touched a mixer. The huge act has seen it all, their ever-changing style is euphorically melodic but still packs a big bass punch.


Describe how you met and when?

We met in 1997 through a mutual friend, He put us in touch with will who had a rane mixer at his house for Djing. We went to his house with a bag of vinyl and became friends. Then we started seeing each other at different raves and bass nights around London. Then we went to Manchester and linked up, dropped out of out studies and got a studio. Now we are here.

What where you studying?

I don’t even actually remember haha, maybe English

Did you ever have plans for solo careers?

We didn’t really have plans for any careers. We were making music which we love to do. We just wanted any way to get in there and get into Djing.

You have a really diverse style but started in Drum and Bass. How would you describe you style has changes since then?

When we were making drum and bass predominately, we tried all different types on styles, some soulful funk, and more technical stuff. We love country music, we love folk, we love metal, we love rap. We are trying to put it all in one string.

How is playing in the US and Miami? You played Ice Palace what was that like?

It was good, it was a huge venue. It was a crazy feel. We were hoping it was a smaller. We were super tired, we had just gotten off the plane and straight to the club. It was a good show!

How does the U.S. crowd compare to what your used to in the UK?

To be honest crowds are becoming more and more similar as the world becomes a smaller place. Everyone is up to date with what is going on. Its nice seeing that crowds around the world know the songs. I don’t know what to expect, the live show brings a different vibe that the Dj stuff, a bit more anticipation for the production. So far we have been very blessed, evey show we have done has been great.

What inspired you to more to the live show?

Our manager said try and do it live. We said well, we are DJs. He was like ‘just try it, you play guitar’. I always wanted to be a guitarist and now I am, in our band. Our first show went really well, we realized so many of our songs we made just for clubs work really well in a live realm. We took it from their really.

Ultra Music Festival was your only live show in the US right?

This year yes, last year we had 2 live in the US. What better place then Miami

Do you have a favorite track off you ‘No More Idols Album?’

No not really because umm, if you have 15 children you cant really choose one of them. Loads of them have different meanings. The one some that really resonates is Blind Faith, it’s a real euphoric number. It reminds us about when we first got into rave music, but also applies to anyone who is finding this music now. In America we see that a lot people are finding this kind of music. We have been coming here for a long time and now 2011/2012 is a different world here. I think that song releated to the kids now, over here hearing Skrillex for the first time and following in love with his music. For us it’s a special song for us.

How do you think the rave scene has changed since you first got into it?

Its taken off in the US, and the whole underground has gone widespread super mainstream. It’s definitely different from when we were growing up. Its exciting with production and new stuff coming out all the time. We are just happy to be apart of it.

If you have to describe your style as an Ice Cream what would it be?

Ohh Cookies and Cream. We like melody music and urban music so it’s a good sound mix. I like it soft not crunchy.


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