Boys Noize Releases Becks ‘Techno Beer’

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Boys Noize Releases Becks ‘Techno Beer’

One of the cooler brand cross-overs we’ve seen recently has been German beer brewer Becks handing the reigns to the equally quenching German dance producer and only guy to pull off a sa-weet monobrow Boys Noize, for his very own ‘Techno Beer’.

The project sees Becks ‘Art Label’ series kick started by Alex Ridha & New Zealand born artist Paul Snowden – with the two slapping their own seal on the iconic green bottle.

The loose translation from German to English via Becks Marketing team reads “Boys Noize techno Beer” It proves that Beck’s genre knows no boundaries. Whether punk rock, heavy metal or techno, Beck’s is the first choice for artists of every musical variety. The type label of Paul Snowden & Boys Noize reflects the comeback of acid house and the smiley as the symbol of the movement that can definitely be called a primordial soup of dancing the night.

If you can understand German, be sure to head to the official Becks site for an interview with the two (to make it easy, copy and paste this into the date of birth field – 18.10.1986) and a better pic of the bottle on Boys Noize’s Facebook here.

So.. which producers beer would you like to see next?


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