Rusko; “I’ve been actually making ambient, minimal techno recently”

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Rusko; “I’ve been actually making ambient, minimal techno recently”

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times Rusko has stated that he’s been “making ambient, minimal techno recently, for the last two months”.

Adding; “…but i’ve made four tracks and i’m definitely going to be coming out with an EP in the summer. The alias is a kind of a play on my real name.”

Could this be the sign of brosteps final downfall?

After the surging populance of the genre through mainstream America it follows the cyclic nature of most dance and electronic trends from growth to maturity and its final resting place akin to the electro-storm that tore globally from 2007 to 2009.

It’s hard to really figure if this is a serious attempt at a new sound or if the producer is just following what’s hot.

We hope the former as Rusko does have the attitude, personality and most importantly the skill to innovate although a genre such as minimal techno does not take kindly to outsiders or sound-hoppers.

What moniker do you think Rusko will be using? Oskur? Surko? Kusro?


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