Le Cassette – Various Tracks

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Le Cassette – Various Tracks

Le Cassette are James Nalepa and Adam Mcnab, an UK-based duo whose work have just recently been under our dreamwave radar. Having known each other since ten years ago at college, they cited their mutual love for French house as what have drive them to produce music together.

So far they have two tracks under their belt. You Are You Are is a funky and energetic synth pop track with syncopated synth lines and beats. Their most recent tracks, Tokyo Blues delivers a different mood while still staying consistent to their 80s influences. It is a 5 minutes, slow-paced and arpeggio-driven track that makes us fall in love with their songs in the first place. Definitely something that reminds you of some of the earlier Anoraak works.

James and Adam said that recent acts associated with movement such as the Valerie Collective and Rosso Corsa Records are what influences their current sound. We find that Adam’s strong yet emphatic vocal is the main appeal in their music. James has done great job in the instrumental part of their tracks while keeping the front-seat just for the vocals. We can’t help but be reminded of acts such as Depeche Mode when listening to their tracks.

With a little more push on productions, singing techniques plus some consistency we reckon they could be one of the next dream wave / synth pop act worth to keep an eye on. Le Cassette are on hard work preparing their upcoming materials and gigs which is expected for somewhere on October this year, so stay tuned and new materials might pop up sooner than you realized.


Latest update says that there is actually the third band member, Joseph Wood who were involved in the creation of Tokyo Blues. Also, expect You Are You Are to be released by Kiez Beats on major stores such as Beatport and iTunes in the upcoming months!


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