Hot Chip: “Pop music’s become quite conservative in a lot of ways”

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Hot Chip: “Pop music’s become quite conservative in a lot of ways”

Hot Chip Band

Hot Chip have struck out at the ‘conservative’ nature of todays pop music (like he had to tell us!).

It was in an interview with the Guardian, Joe Goddard theorised that modern records “feel like they’ve come from a factory that tries to correct everything”, adding “They take out all the flaws that make everything really loveable for me. Pop music’s become quite conservative in a lot of ways.”

Fellow band member Alexis Taylor added his 2c using Tulisa as an example; “There’s quite a lot of cynicism now about how to make pop records and what the point of it is. I saw the lady from N-Dubz on a chatshow and they were asking how she felt about the band splitting up. She just talked about having to pay her mortgage as being the main issue.”

In a lot of ways both are on they money, instead of completely unique vocals and accidental arrangements things are smoothed over with an array of autotune and compression.

With commercial dance music becoming the ‘pop’ norm its frightening to think the masses will be listening to what they believe as ‘perfect’ music when the real soul of it all has been lost!

Glimpses of untraditional music ala James Blake, SBTRKT, TEED and Disclosure are slowly breaking the mould of accessible and different sounds, breeding a community willing to try new things.

Who else is bucking the trend?

source: NME


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