Giorgio Moroder Wants To Start Working With Who??

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Giorgio Moroder Wants To Start Working With Who??

Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder, Eurodisco lord has hinted at a return to modern dance cued on with its recent explosion in popularity.

But who exactly does he want to get into the studio for future musings?

“I’m probably going to do some songs featuring a singer – a female or group”, he explained. “I like to work with female singers, which I’ve done a lot in my life. Rihanna would be my favourite, also Nicki Minaj would be great – those are the top girls who I would like to work with”

Giorgio’s past is riddled with many disco divas from the now passed Donna Summer to Bonnie Tyler and even Blondie, so the move to newer female talent is a no brainer.

Who do you think Giorgio should work with in the ’12s?


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