A$AP ROCKY – Goldie

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A$AP ROCKY – Goldie

For all you EDM heads out there, we want to make sure your bass diet is well-balanced, so here’s a hip hop track to snack on – enjoy, it’s extremely swagalicious. Produced by Hit-Boy, “Goldie” is A$AP Rocky’s first official single. You might also recognize his trill skillz from “Peso“, “Purple Swag“, or “" target="_blank">Wassup” (produced by Clams Casino).

A$AP started as a hip hop/fashion crew in Harlem, NYC. A$AP Rocky (AKA Rakim Mayers) joined the clique when he was only 16, and the self-proclaimed “pretty motherfucker” rhymed his way from freestyle battles to massive arenas, letting everyone know “I’m not pretty, I’m gorgeous.” As Rocky said in an interview, “We’re a breed of the new generations that just so happened to be in the same part of town with each other.” For him, A$AP means “Acronyms Symbolizing Any Purpose… A$AP is life, everything is A$AP.”

“Goldie” is a special track for him – here’s what he said to Complex about how it came to be:

“I was in L.A. recording with Hit-Boy. We was going through some tracks. He was going through some tracks he had made for Jay-Z. He goes, ‘You ever hear this?’ He let me hear it. I go, ‘Let me get that,’ and he let me have that record. I spit to it, and it was like, ‘This beat was made for you.’ That’s just how it worked. With ‘Goldie’ I just really wanted to show people a different side of me. I wanted to show them something jiggy. Some tastemaker shit.”

A$AP Rocky – Goldie (Produced by Hit-Boy)


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