Mau5trap produce 2 tracks in 12 hours

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Mau5trap produce 2 tracks in 12 hours

Mau5trap records has brought together a bunch of up and coming producers along with Foreign Beggars in Miami and created 2 songs with a turn around of a 12 hour studio session!

The outcome  is nothing short of incredible. The day, hosted by Honor Roll Music studios and in partnership with beatport, saw visits and support from Feed Me, Moguai, Kill The Noise and a last minute vocal performance from Foreign Beggars – who’s lyrical inspiration came from a facebook and twitter post!

Mau5trap and Beatport had 5 competition winners in the building. Steve Duda managed one room, Beatport’s Albert Gonzalez and mau5trap’s new signing The Frederick the other, and deadmau5 bounced between the two hot seats all day and night.

Deadmau5 took to Facebook and Twitter to tell what he thought of the experience:  “well mau5hax was a success 😀 met some rad kids, and they got 2 tracks done in a day! Pretty cool to sit back and watch em go, get in there with a few pointers and stuff, and just chat bout production and random stuff.. defo something i can look into doing more of! again, congrats to the winners and thanks for the good time!”

Ladies and gentlemen! Feast your ears on the outcome!

Download Mau5hax – Titty Sprinkles 320

Download Mau5hax Fractals 320


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