Madonna’s attempt to connect with dance fans fails

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Madonna’s attempt to connect with dance fans fails

Deadmau5 has hit the nail on the head with a recent rant against anti aging pop diva Madonna and her appearance at last nights Winter Music Conference closing party.

Madonna took to the stage with Avicii and in what has been seen as a pathetic stereotype attempt to engage with the dance fans she shouted out “Has anyone seen Molly?”, a reference to taking the drug MDMA.

It only took moments for Deadmau5 to attack the UK based wrinkly rocker lady followed by further justification today via his tumblr.


Madonna. MDMA. Doesn’t she have young children she is meant to be looking after at home?


Deadmau5 rant via his tumblr

“Whether i like it or not, and like every other walk of life, whether you’re becoming an adult, or climbing up the corporate ladder, or blazing a path in your chosen profession, im in a position now where i should be responsible. And yup… i should be a little more careful about what i advocate, and i certainly try to be. being an advocate of something or another certainly has it’s place… drawing promotion towards a good cause, enabling others to do what they desire to do, help others to create something, etc. and all that other good shit.

Im not perfect. i have my vices, and some of them are probably more harmful than a recreational drug or two… but i do know that i am at the very least morally obligated not to blatantly inflict or advocate anything that’s detrimental to society, others health, etc.

my last rant has yielded some interesting points and arguments from both camps no doubt, but i should at least be clear on where i stand with advocacy (which im almost certain isnt even a word).

I smoke cigarettes. yeah, it’s shitty i know, and its a personal problem that i struggle with… and i know how much it sucks, so my tour isnt exactly sponsored by a cowboy of sorts. I drink a little bit too, which im sure has killed more people than double the combined amount of overdoses on any recreational drug you can name…. so, i try to make an effort as not to blatantly condone it in situations where the youngins are around. and trust me, the mau5 horde has plenty of little ones… So, i dont see the dire need to be a constant dickfuck and stamp my vices all over my media outlets. Sometimes it happens, but, of course, my intent isnt to make any look cool or desireable.

Now, weve taken EDM so far in the past decade, so goddamned far. It really hurts me to see rampant ADVOCATION of extreme bullshit lifestyles to a genre that spans pretty much any age gap these days. Of course, ill always have my opinions about this or that… and yeah, its my personal choice not to do drugs, but im not on a fucking crusade to stamp out other peoples personal choices by no means. fuck being a crusader. Im not pro, or anti drug… but… ill easily let you know that im pro-responsibility.
Its just that simple… you can have an excellent standard of life providing you had a sense of responsibility to yourself, and those around you, REGARDLESS of whatever choices you make in your life… either good or bad (which is the opinion part).
I just feel like ive been kicked in the balls for a dollar. I’ve always been into electronic music, as far back as i can remember… and around the beginning, i really do remember the times the events i loved were pretty much outlawed by my city simply due to its speculated over-excessive drug use, and the media coverage that everyone loves to lap up around it. Yeah, that bummed me out… kinda made me feel like… how could so

mething so damn interesting, artful, fun and just plain cool, be frowned upon by most….
but look at us now, allthough not completely, and never like to be completely, the dark veil has been lifted slightly and the music and good times and technology is starting to shine through more and more than “the latest breaking news about such and such a drug found only at these underground TECHNO RAVES – Tonight on fox!”

still, we have, and will always have personal choice. Thats how our lives are shaped… through the good or bad choices we make. we learn every day from them… but theyre ours to make, and its our responsibility to make the right ones for each of ourselves.Not to be pandered down to us in metaphorical pill form from BIG voices as a marketing scheme to “fit in” with todays young and “hip” crowd to sell a fuckin CD.

So, if you can be pandered with MDMA refrences, then at least pander your own ass with a good sense of responsibility which will enable you to make the personal choices that are right for YOU… then i wont have to feel like a fucking moron on a stage because you paid money to listen to some warm humming sounds high as fuck. Besides, one day ill get older, and i dont want a bunch of fucking irresponsible fuckheads on my lawn. RESPONSIBLE fuckbags, much preferred… but will still be asked to gtfo off my lawn for being a fuckbag all the same.”

Written by wow


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