Madonna responds to Deadmau5 rant

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Madonna responds to Deadmau5 rant

The last 24 hours has seen a comedic battle alight between Madonna, her pro drug reference on stage at WMC and Deadmau5‘s response.

Haterbot9000 aka Deadmau5 recently told the Material Mum to “fuck off, you fucking idiot” while delivering one of his signature rants about the purity of EDM. The Mau5 was particularly distressed about Madonna’s shout-out to “Molly,” a common synonym for popular party drug MDMA.

Oh yes, the plot ‚Ćhicken the it appears the material girl is attempting to cover her own ground via a photo explanation addressed to “lovemau5” and posted to her Twitter..

So her excuse is she is now promoting her friends song? Right before Avicii is going to play his songs. At Winter Music Conference? Fail Madonna, weakest back track excuse ever.

Source: Miami News Times

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