First taste of PNAU and Elton John collab

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First taste of PNAU and Elton John collab

Here comes the final chapter of a somewhat musical love story as the first teaser of PNAU and Elton John collaborating has touched down on the internet.

It was Elton who first mentored and publicized the band and propelled them to stardom along with their own various hits including “Wild Strawberries” and the fantastic “Embrace” featuring Ladyhawke.

Tentatively titled “Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters” the track was produced by PNAU using vocals from some older lesser-known Elton tracks.

There will be a total of eight tracks for the remix album that is set for release in April along with additional remixes, get excited!

Update: The track is actually called “Good Morning To The Night”

Download PNAU vs Elton John Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters 128

Double Update: Turns out old mate Paris Hilton is a fan, tweeting “Loving the remix @Pnau did for @EltonJohnDotcom’s song. It’s called Morning To The Night. Such a happy upbeat song”


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