Noisia releases potential Dub Step album of the year

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Noisia releases potential Dub Step album of the year

Dutch producers Noisia have re-released a deluxe edition of their thumping 2010 LP, Split the Atom off of Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap. This deluxe edition includes a stack of bonus material, including brilliant remixes from Excision and Datsik, Kill the Noise and Munchi, as well of two their newer releases, Tommy’s Theme and Could This Be.

The trio have been noted for achievements in the fields of break beat and drum and bass, having been previously celebrated as top of their field in production by Beatport in 2009, 2010 and at the Arena Drum and Bass Awards in 2010. This album doesn’t fall short of their achievements and displays their talents in electro, hip-hop, breaks and drum and bass. From the dirty electro-breaks influenced Machine Gun, which really sets the tone of the album; to the more grungy drum and bass track, Could This Be, you are promised intensely vigorous listen.

Despite its age, the effort gone into creating a stimulating and diverse aural palate through curtailing the some times monotonous hypnosis of drum and bass makes this album still sound fresh. This is extensively demonstrated through structuring, layering, integrating the for mentioned styles and diversifing rhythms using percussion and bass.

Some Favorites include Machine Gun, Shell Shock, Split the Atom and Tommy’s Theme (Munchi’s Fear is Weakness remix).

Plug in, kick back and get ready for some insanity, you won’t be disappointed!



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