DJ shoots and kills patron over song request

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DJ shoots and kills patron over song request

A US judge ruled Wednesday that a deejay should face felony murder and other charges in the shooting death of a nightclub customer.

Johnny Jackson III who goes by the name DJ Outlaw had a run-in with the victim inside the club when a dispute arose over playing of a demo CD, and was eventually told to leave and kicked out from the club.

The victim then approached Mr Jackson outside in the carpark supposedly toting a handgun in which the accused acted in self-defence and shot the victim 5 times with a shotgun.

Witnesses who saw the event testified that Mr Jackson fired on the victim as he approached and stood over him firing more shots.

The case is set to head to the grand-jury for other related crimes.

Moral of the story, don’t hassle the DJ for requests!

via Atlanta News


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