Dizzee Rascal hints another ‘Famous’ collab

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Dizzee Rascal hints another ‘Famous’ collab

In an interview with BBC Dizzee Rascal spilled details on a phone conversation with Calvin Harris about another potential collaboration – “I was on the phone to Calvin Harris the other day – we’ll see if he can come up with something”

It’s been a while since the UK rapper last released an album, ‘Tongue in Cheek’ way back in 2009 but feels that the new record will be “his most worldly yet.”

Reason for the break? A holiday of course;

“[I’ve been] having a year off to just chill, have a year off and have fun, not have to worry about was what I needed to do. No pressure. I went to LA for a holiday but I started bumping into people, started getting into the studios and ended up staying out there for three weeks.”

His album is due out later this year.

via Mixmag


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